Criticism and Responses

Y&G #12 (curtain walls)

Published by CUAG (Carleton University Art Gallery)
Essays by George Barid and Diana Nemiroff
Design by Studio Blackwell
Photography by Lee Towndrow
ISBN 978-0-7709-0575-0

The Mass Production of Artwork

Published by Künstlerhaus Bethanien
Interview by Kim Föerster
Design by Katja Gretzinger
Distributed by Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-941230-15-6

The Mass Production of Artwork
[Download PDF: 3.7 MB]


Canadian Art: Infrastructure Canada

By John Bentley Mays, 2012

Sculpting Conventions

By Brendan Cormer
Canadian Architect
Fall 2011
[Download PDF: 2.2 MB]

Young & Giroux

Published by Southern Alberta Art Gallery
Essays by Kenneth Hayes, Jesse Huisken & Mark Lanctôt
Design by Lisa Kiss
Distributed in Canada by ABC Art Books Canada
ISBN 978-1-894699-51-8


Cinema & Disjunction

by Ben Donoghue, 2009

[Download PDF: 576 KB]cinemadisjunction

Satellites that Fell to Earth

by Sarah Robayo Sheridan, 2006

[Download PDF: 4.41 MB]Satellites that Fell to Earth

Drawing Response

by Maire-Paule Macdonald, 2006

New Products of The Sheltered Workshop

Essay by Kenneth Hayes, 2004
Published by Ace Art Inc. Winnipeg to accompany the exhibition 3 Objects.

[Download PDF: 1.04 MB]New Products of The Sheltered Workshop